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peerreynders • Edited on

so this video will have to suffice

Watching this I have to wonder how much of "the web is slower than native" is just a self-fulfilling prophecy (or even an excuse).

even small differences add up.

Tell that to the "nobody cares in the end if things are < 100kb" and "premature optimization" types (who presumably never heard of avoiding gratuitous pessimization).

React promises upcoming ways to address these problems

"So the engineers at Facebook in a stroke of maniacal genius said “to hell with the W3C and to hell with best practices!” and decided to completely abstract away the browser, …"
Mark Nutter - Modern Web Development (2016)

React Server Components seem to take the whole "build a browser just for React" notion to an entirely new level.

That bakeoff’s official conclusion: “performance is an application concern, not the platform’s fault”..

… really?

"What is clear: right now, if you’re using a framework to build your site, you’re making a trade-off in terms of initial performance—even in the best of scenarios.

Some trade-off may be acceptable in the right situations, but it’s important that we make that exchange consciously."

Tim Kadlec - The Cost of Javascript Frameworks (2020)

If the platform is the fundamental limiting component then it's the platform's fault …

My checklist of requirements are…

No honourable(, hopeful) mention for Solid Start? 😁

Great post as always, Thank You!

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Taylor Hunt Author

Funny thing about Solid: I asked @ryansolid if it met my checklist, and he was humble and well-reasoned enough to say he wasn’t certain it qualified. Now he got his link at the bottom in the end anyway!

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Ryan Carniato

Apparently I was too humble. On further discussion Solid has been added to the article. Thanks @taylorhuntkr.