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Discussion on: Which is your best tutorial or website to learn javaScript?

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peerreynders • Edited on

Lots of people seem to like Eloquent JavaScript 3e to learn the language (Chapters 1-11) as opposed to the Browser's Web API (Node-API for Node.js; Deno CLI API for Deno) that was designed to be manipulated with JavaScript.

The language is governed by the ECMAScript Language Specification which is implemented by each JavaScript runtime to some varying degree.

JavaScript the language skills transfer between environments, so it's a good idea to

  1. Know where JavaScript ends and the runtime API begins (or any library or framework for that matter)
  2. Initially focus on learning the language while dealing with the runtime API only as needed

For example, the DOM is a Web API—so the nature it's design cannot be directly be blamed on JavaScript (it follows an entirely separate specification).

Another example is that some beginners seem to be taught in a way that they aren't clear where JavaScript ends and React starts (nothing new same thing used to happen with jQuery)—JavaScript is the core, fundamental skill, React isn't.

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