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Discussion on: How long I need to be good at html and css? I started before two weeks I feel so stupid.

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Are you familiar with 180 websites in 180 days?

The good thing about "feeling stupid" is that it means you haven't fallen into the Expert Beginner trap (yet).

"CSS looks so simple. It gives off that impression because the syntax is so basic and easy to understand." You'd be better at CSS if you knew how it worked

Most HTML/CSS resources simply discuss language features - they often don't go into how these features compose to create larger, specific, more complex fragments. Also learning HTML/CSS doesn't teach layout/UI/UX design by osmosis.

That's why it's a continuous journey of learning. So what does "good at HTML and CSS" even mean? The industry can't even agree what the skill set of a front-end developer is. Some are competent at HTML/CSS, others working in larger organizations may not have to author HTML/CSS from scratch.