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Discussion on: Your SSR is slow & your devtools are lying to you

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That is missing the point.

From the takeaways:

If you've built your app using one of the aforementioned client-focused tools, you may have to reconsider that decision


"Gen 2 SSR often results in an increase of the overall latency to make the UI interactive (able to respond to users input)"

"we are entering the era where frontend development will shift away from the client-side, and lean much more heavily on server-first architectures."

i.e. slapping SSR on a client-side rendered framework can only do so much. For more significant improvements a different approach is necessary.

This is against the background of Marko being a server-first architecture that aims to provide a single app authoring experience that is typically associated with client-side rendered frameworks (i.e. no "one app for the cost of two" development effort).