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Discussion on: What is your favorite Static Site Generator and why?

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peerreynders • Edited on

Astro's selling point is partial hydration (Why Efficient Hydration in JavaScript Frameworks is so Challenging).

Currently it's being developed as an SSG but the long term goal is SSR. Hence: "Today, Astro only supports Static Site Generation (SSG)."

(Fred K. Schott does occasionally mention this during his various appearances).

So imagine a version of Next.js that can work with React, Preact, Vue, Svelte or Solid components (the page itself being an Astro component) that ships only the JavaScript needed for the interactive islands on the page where the loading can be delayed until the event loop is idle, the component becomes visible or a media query is matched - at least that seems to be the long term goal.

Astro component's component script support TypeScript (VS Code extension for .astro files).

There is an example where islands share state via nanostores.

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Markus Hunsalz Author

@peerreynders - Thx for your elaborate response. You make me even more curious to spend a little more time with Astro.