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Discussion on: Should Frontend Devs Care About Performance??

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But I may not have made it clear when I said you should "Care... but not too much" that what you should care about are discernible differences in performance.

"Care... but not too much" would resonate strongly with the crowd that likes to invoke the "premature optimization" clause to shut down any discussion relating to any kind of performance - typically to justify or even promote "performance ignorance" because "that's the responsibility of the framework/libraries that we're using - so we don't have to care". So it's kind of "in vogue" to downplay performance.

My sense was that you were singling out "pointless JavaScript micro-optimizations" but there was never a counterpoint "what aspects of performance should a front end developer care about?"

when the array being looped over can only ever hold, say, 10 values.

Understood but there has to be the conscious decision "it's OK for 10 values, for 100_000_000 I'd have to do better", i.e. there should be knowledge of potential performance consequences should the code find itself on the hot path.

"… but the takeaway I want you to get is that more so than in other systems, you need to measure measure measure measure, and make sure your measurements are as near as possible to the real thing you're trying to build."

That said most code isn't on the hot path but it's easy for people to fixate on JavaScript micro-optimizations because those are relatively easy to spot in code - whether or not they are actually relevant. By extension the real performance issues are: knowing how to measure whether code is performant enough, knowing how to find the code that needs improvement, identifying early decisions that limit performance, and exploiting opportunities that aren't directly related to JavaScript.

The Three Unattractive Pillars of Web Dev: accessibility, security and performance;

  • "They’re only a problem when they’re missing."
  • "Try and retrofit any of them to your project and you’re going to have a bad time."

Even in React there is a fair amount of judgement involved when deciding to use features like React.memo, useMemo or to "just let things go".

A front end development performance mindset isn't about micro-optimizing every piece of JavaScript but caring about end user performance from the beginning of the first request up to the point when the browser page tab finishes closing.

Henry Petroski:

The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry is its continuing cancellation of the steady and staggering gains made by the computer hardware industry.

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