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re: Parabéns, companheiro! É muito admirável o seu trabalho e esforço. Desejo muito sucesso ai a vocês! Now so everyone else can understand the rest o...

You like Portuguese i see eheh! :D

Thanks for the congratulations, ans yeap, the git thin is only the baby steps, we have a LOT to improve :)

People who doesnt know anything about HTML, CSS and JS, in February of this year, and now they code for example a Pomodoro Clock (You see a lot on codepen of example) or a random quote generator (their CSS) even a tribute page, these projects are from freeCodeCamp CV, and the main objetive of this type of groups its to improve the techincal/soft skill for better. And we're working hard on that :)

I invite you to see our group here:

And we had social link as well, but dont want to spamm that here. But if you want you can see on the group. :D

Let's meet more programmers, we need help everytime! For example, we invited @dhanishgajjar (fullstack developer) well knowed on programming community, and he's living in Lisbon, and we have invited him to make a talk/workshop, and we will come certainly :D

Just to share a goot think. Thanks for your suggestions :D


Nice!! If I’m ever in Lisbon I will contact you, I would love to come in and give a talk as well.

Boa sorte com o seu grupo!

of course! I invite you to come of course :D
If you want to see our progress, you can check the website, go to our facebook page, a visit the group and we will welcome you ;) and anyone who came :D

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