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C++ Coding problem, unanswered!

pediotroni profile image Pedio Troni ・1 min read

Dear Friends Hello
I have an unanswered question at the link below:
Hope if someone can help me to solve my problem.
Thanks in advanced.

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Phil Ashby

I had a look at your SO question - it's a bit confused, and appears to use types and functions that are not part of any standard library, which is probably why no-one feels able to help as you are outside their experience.

I assume you have gone looking for reference implementations of this popular technology? There appear to be many examples of open source clients that work, and a busy forum dedicated to the C++ reference implementation amongst other. I would expect you to find sample code and advice easier to come by there :)

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Pedio Troni Author

I am using Embarcadero C++Builder 10.2
TAnsiString is using by them and compiler can understand it.
I wrote my own Library for sha256() and keccak() from other open source projects which can handle AnsiString, instead std::strings and char *
Thank you for your considerations.

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