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Discussion on: Why React is winning over Angular?

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Paul Barrick

I find it ridiculous when people say React has a smaller learning curve. Which flavor of react are you referring to? Which router? Which build system? Which cli tooling? Every react project is different because it's wild west.

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Akash Shyam

I agree with you! There are so many things you might not have heard of but are used in jobs. Atleast, angular gives us a bunch of things so that we know we are not missing anything major. But still, React is my favourite framework(just cuz I don't know any other JS frameworks lol)

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Ivan Jeremic

Use Nextjs then... and why should everything be opinionated react is just the view layer.

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Justin Henry

Tempered and experienced developers will latch to a project template or simply use eslint, prettier, commitlint, husky, etc to standardize the workflow and code style. It also helps to standardize on the technologies used.
Zustand, unstated-next, material-ui, react-query/swr, emotion/styled, axios, etc. If you choose what technologies have been trustworthy in your past and have proved their value, then you can guarantee the same experience across projects.

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HAhaha .. laughed so hard at this comment

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Chris Frewin

React is purposely built this way. It's unopinionated, so you can add anything you want to it. Routers, build systems, CLI tools - these are all extraneous packages and NOT React!

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Ethan Standel

I feel like this is a pointless thing to note and a bad faith argument. If you just compare "@angular/core" to "react" the stuff inside them is pretty comparable. So what does React make easier? Templating. You have to learn JavaScript with sugar, rather than a custom templating language. Modules. With React you have to learn ES6 import statements and you're done, but with Angular your have to learn that plus the convoluted and messy NgModule system. And not to mention Reacts patterns don't force you to learn DI out of the gate. I'm not going to say DI is bad, but I'm going to say the concept is weird for beginners and that above all, in a client, it's very rarely got a purpose. 99% of folks Angular service @Injectables are just one instance.