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re: I made an Emoji Maker using React (DOM) and SVG 🤓
This is awesome!
re: 🎙 check
unmute your mic
re: 🎙 check
i can't hear you
re: 4 Great YouTubers Devs Should Check Out
even though they're not really into web development you sho...
re: How to Build a Bit Compiler for Svelte
Pretty sure you meant how instead of hot
re: How to Deploy a Vue Application on Cloud Run
Is there any reason to deploy it on an actual server rather...
re: A client pwa application with vuejs
This is great! Good job
re: Which language i should learn as a beginner ?
Learning Java as my first programming language didn't go we...
re: Why does this work in javascript?
not sure if that's related but [['b']] appears to be equal ...
re: ES6 Mini Crash Course: How to Write Modern JavaScript
I just switched back to var...
re: Heads up!! Help please
re: Minecraft: Javascript Edition
re: Daily Challenge #37 - Name Swap
probably a terrible practice but that's how I'd do it con...
re: My pizza recipe
if I ever get my own house, I'll try it. 6 years left thank...
re: I want to become a software engineer
You don't need to worry about your age. I'm 14 years old an...
re: How Do You Name Your Boolean Variables?
In that case I wouldn't use a boolean but an object. To che...
re: Making an IDE
Thank you so much! The other developer I'm working with doe...
re: Is it worth it to learn Sinatra in 2018?
Well, I don't know. I guess I can give it a shot again.
re: Is it worth it to learn Sinatra in 2018?
Will keep that in mind. Thanks for your time
re: Is it worth it to learn Sinatra in 2018?
Thank you very much. I'll search more about cuba and Hanami...
re: Building a Desktop App with Vue: Electron
Sounds cool. Will try it