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re: Loved the article. Making games it's way much more fun to learn how to code, than looking only for documentation and silly "projects" to only test ...

Thank you for reading it. I suppose the only problem with learning to write games is that some of the practices that make sense for game programming, don't apply to (or are bad practice in) LOB programming.


LOB programming = Line of Business programming?

Why they are a bad practice in LOB Programming? You can have fun writting games while learn how to use some techs and test others while having fun doing it. The only problem is that the logic you apply on it is a little different, but with you still code tests, code clean, patterns you are still in LOB programming, don't you think?

I'm doing your tutorial and i'm loving it! Console applications are still fun to make and play shushushs they reminds me of childhood. The first program I made when trying to learn how to code was a tic tac toe in C# in my first internship and I remember to struggle with Console positions and Clear shshshs

I'm thinking specifically of things like async / await, that you have to be careful with in games, but are basically standard everywhere else. There's a few other examples that relate to the fact that you're essentially replacing what a Web browser, WPF, or WinForms would do for you.

I'm happy that your enjoying the tutorial.

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