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Discussion on: How I Easily Code For 8+ Hours Without Feeling Tired (My Productivity System)

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Another productivity killers are caffeine and sugar

If you drink caffeinated beverages regularly, then you're dealing regularly with withdrawal symptoms and your overall energy levels are lower than without those drinks

source: Why Does Coffee Make Me Tired? │How Caffeine Is Quietly Sabotaging Your Energy Levels

Sugar works in similar way, gives you peak, but you run quickly out

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G. Berthiaume

No scientific articles in your link to back this claim. Not trying to be mean; i just think it is important

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Matt Irby

I used to drink around 6 cups of coffee a day, sometimes more. I got headaches, fatigued, and overall felt discontent. I've noticed that since I've switched to 2 cups of coffee and substituting the remainder cups of coffee with water, I've felt much more productive at work.

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Cécile Lebleu

I stopped drinking caffeine a few months ago and I became a different person. Less stress, anger, and worry, and more stability in my energy levels throughout the day. Caffeine doesn’t “wake you up”, it’s a hormonal stressor for your body.

So I tried a few ways. First, just stop drinking coffee. Didn’t work. Replace it with tea. Didn’t work. Replace it with an energy juice like sweet fruit juice. Didn’t work.

The issue was that I actually really like coffee — the taste, the ritual, the break, the social construct, my favorite cup. I love it. The solution: decaf. I can have all the good stuff I like without the caffeine. Yay!

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João da Rocha

Thanks for sharing your experience, I might also change to decaf :D