What are your favorite DevOps tools?

Pavan Belagatti on August 10, 2018

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Bash. No joke. I'll take a well written bash script to provision and orchestrate something over any other tool any day of the week. Bash is composable and doesn't require any dependencies. Everything else has weird compostional semantics and requires runtimes.


I agree with you, bash is the best tool, but IMO it requires too much time to build it and maintain it so I prefer k8s/terraform so I can build a great infrastructure by writing (maybe not that simple) config files.


I have problems when I come into this topic in interviews. My applications are all built and deployed via Bash, but then hiring people seem to look down on you for not having fancy tools.


It depends on the problem. I wouldn't use bash for everything because there is a place for Ruby, Python, Go, etc. in there as well. But for small things without many dependencies bash works really well.

we deploy Java web services and all of our dependencies are either manually pushed from build server or deployed by outside teams when they need to.


You added AWS as a devops tool, so I'd like to add Google Cloud. I've been using AWS for the past years, but looking at Google Cloud and its k8s product, it looks simpler and more effective. Have you tried it already? I'm considering doing a side project just to test it.


kubeadm and kops are good tools to set up a k8 cluster easily.
Self plug for github.com/pushthat/mssh that I use every days to connect to my servers.
Thanks for monit :)


Is Slack a dev ops tool? I would add Circle CI to the list.


yes, because you can integrate slack with other tools and then trigger stuff using slack, get status and reports using slack, etc. People call that ChatOps.


Yes, I consider Slack as a DevOps tool. Ya, you can say Circle CI too:)

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