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TL;DR - Cloud-native is about changing approaches to better suit "cloud" environments.

The term is a bit misnomer because really it's about best practices in building "things", which started as the cloud but is now applied to on-premises because really there's no real difference other than convenience and "scale". If that's all sounding a bit vague, it's because it is a vague term and a marketing one at that, but it does hold some truth. A good example is building your apps to gracefully recover when "something bad happens". In the cloud this would be your spot instance having 30 seconds left on the clock. You've got to get that workload off the server and in theory somewhere else. This translates to on-premises solutions too where you might have a disk go poof and you need to move your work off it. The same tools are used and usually because they're solving the same problem. One of the big players is kubernetes, where pretty much everything is monitored and it will shift workloads round like a card dealer.


There are probably so many ways to define this. But what i derived/understood is this

cloud-native is a new shiny approach/term for various combination of everything that runs on cloud.

In Simple Words
"Built your application with only cloud in mind"


Because you asked for a one-line explanation :-)

CNE is "building software optimised to take advantage of the defining characteristics of public cloud providers (e.g., highly distributed, ephemeral, lower operational overhead, utility-based pricing)"