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Paul Knulst
Paul Knulst

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How To Add Comments To Your Blog

Having comments on your blog is one of the most engaging features! Unfortunately, Ghost Blogging Service does not support any comments out of the box. Although they are many different services like Disqus or Discourse which are kind of "free" (they have inbuilt Ads in the "free" version. And Ads are EVIL) there also exist some really free services like Commento, Schnack, CoralProject Talk, and Isso.

I tested all of the free services for my blog and come to the conclusion that Isso is the best service to use in a Ghost Blog. Within this article, I will describe why Isso is the best software, how it can be installed in a Docker environment, and how Isso comments can be integrated into any Blog (not only Ghost Blogging software).

Why Isso?

Isso is a commenting server written in Python and JavaScript and aims to be a drop-in replacement for Disqus or Discourse.
It has several features:

  • It is a very lightweight commenting system
  • Works with Docker Compose
  • Uses SQLite because comments are not Big Data!
  • A very minimal commenting system with a simple moderation system
  • Privacy-first commenting system
  • Supports Markdown
  • It's free
  • Similar to native WordPress comments
  • You can Import WordPress or Disqus
  • Embed it everywhere in a single JS file; 65kB (20kB gzipped)

All of these features are good reasons to choose Isso as your backend comment system instead of one of the others. If you want to install it in a Docker (or Docker Swarm) environment you can follow my personal guide on my website:

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