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Discussion on: Using git wiki instead of evernote to organize personal content

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Paul Jacobson

I love this idea. The challenge with an Evernote replacement is decent mobile access to notes and being able to create new notes on the go. Also, Evernote's OCR becomes really useful with large libraries.

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Matthew Orndoff • Edited on

OCR is great. Plus with the web clipper, you can import entire articles into Evernote.
Couple that with the Cmd+J shortcut and at some point you realize you've built your own personal Intranet.

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Paul Jacobson

Exactly and this combination of features is difficult to replicate. The key challenges that I encounter when I consider viable Evernote alternatives (I've been a relatively satisfied Evernote user for about 8 or 9 years but I am a little concerned about having so much data in there) are usually the following:

  • cross-platform access to my data
  • OCR capability to make images and PDFs accessible via search
  • the ability to add to and modify notes with my mobile device.

The closest I've seen to a possible replacement would be something like Google Drive and Dropbox, albeit paid versions.

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aurel kurtula Author

I think if you use it that much, evernote is great and I find it had to imagine any tool competing with it.

I used it for 6 months and all I did was write, that was all, write and clip pages. As a writing tool I found evernote's editor lacked a lot.

Hence, those were the only features I wanted to replicate. Auto generation of notes, tagging, the ability to use my favorite editor and for all my notes to be backed-up.