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Learning FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT as a beginner!πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

As a beginner it's always hard to start and follow a new passion. You don't know where to start, what resources to use or what language to learn first. Especially in the coding section/area it's extremely hard to find a way how to start. That's the reason, why I created this post on my Instagram account @javascript_coding. At the end of the post I gave a free guide I had written on my own, to all my followers. If you are interested in, too, make sure to read the whole article and stay tuned till the end!

1. Start learning HTML

HTML - Part of Instagram Post

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) creates the whole structure of a website. Any text or headline is created/written in HTML.

Without any style your website looks extremely empty and boring, like this:
website example without CSS
That's the reason why any website needs CSS...

2. Continue learning CSS

CSS - Part of Instagram Post

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) gives you the possibility to style the HTML elements, like headlines or normal text fields. With CSS you can create animations and way more!

With CSS, the example you've seen above the CSS section, looks way more interesting.
Styled example from my website
This example is a part of my website

3. Keep going with JavaScript

JavaScript - Part of Instagram Post

JavaScript is the biggest part of all sections! To become a master in JavaScript, it takes years. In comparison to HTML and CSS it's way more complex, but it takes only a few weeks to understand the basics. To learn these basics it takes only a few good YouTube tutorials on JavaScript. The main functionality can be done by only an experience of less than one month. Functionalities like clicking on a button or changing the content on your page. Change the style of HTML elements with JavaScript and a lot more!

4. Creating apps on the internet with ReactJS

ReactJS - Part of Instagram Post

One HTML file for a whole website? That's true in some way. In ReactJS, the HTML part is written in JavaScript classes. These classes are taken and "send" all content to the single HTML file.

5. FREE Web Development GUIDE!

Go to my Instagram Account and click on the link in my bio. On this page you'll see the link to my free PDF guide. In this guide, there are several tips and links to YouTube videos. This guide gives you the possibility to start learning web development as a whole beginner!

Make sure to like and save this article and don't forget to download your guide ;)

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Davis The Coding Apostle

Recommend some resources

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Paul Dunz Author

So first of all, link is in my bio on insta, too. But here’s the link to the guide: