Discussion on: Hack(Spam?)toberfest

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I've been a participant in 4 years now.

This year has the most spam, and therefore also the year where the rules and term of participation got changed. (Now repositories needs to opt-in)

I believe it is all due to the community made around the YouTuber who explicitly vouched for a way of getting a shirt for free.

His examples were spam, and people without OpenSource awareness fell of it instantly.

Either way, I have 7+ repositories opted in, and i haven't personally received any spam thus far. Just one or two dumb PR's not knowing what the repository was made for.

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Benji πŸ™

I read somewhere that it’s also a cultural thing that was also in play too. Basically β€œin their culture they are taught to take what is offered especially if it’s free regardless and it will benefit you”

I’m just paraphrasing and can’t remember exactly where I read this so somebody can correct me or back me up on this