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Although I am not that paranoia, I don't like the idea that Google knows everything from me, so I shifted away from using my google credentials as login for other sites. An easy alternative for that is to use a password manager. I use LastPass for that, but there are more. If you don't like the idea of having all your passwords in the cloud, you can use KeePass, which can be used as a portable app.

Second easy fix is to shield your social media accounts from people that have no business looking at your business. In FB, you can set the default visibility for your posts to be visible for friends only and not for the whole world. Then, don't post pictures of your drivers license, creditcard, bankcard, passport, id card etc. You might find this obvious, but if you search for it, you will be amazed at how many people do this.

Last tip: since a lot of services offer a 'password forgotten?' service where they send a password reset link to your email, protect your email with a two factor authentication. If someone gets access to your mail, they can get access to all of your accounts. So protect it like it's a fort.
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