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Discussion on: I am afraid that i will fail

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Patrick Lafferty

First, train yourself to think of failure as just another step in the learning process. The whole point of learning X is that you don't know how to do X at all or properly. So its natural to expect that you will be doing X poorly/slowly/at a basic level for a while until you learn more/get more experience. In order to learn X and not fail at all, you must have already learned X (a contradiction), or X is too simple for you.

So don't beat yourself up for failure. I used to have a big fear of failure, still do somewhat. I'm an expert at failing now, I fail five times every morning before I even start work. I sometimes fail so often at a problem that I end up brute forcing the solution after finding every single way that doesn't work. But if you don't give up after failing, its like you failed to fail, or meta-fail if you will. Failing to fail leads to success in the end, eventually.

Second, don't compare your potential future self with the result an experienced person/team eventually came to after a lot of hard work. You don't know how long that person or people took to make the website, or how many late nights spent cursing and pots of coffee drank it took to get through it. These projects come from a lot of past experience and hard work. Use those amazing sites you saw as a goal and inspiration, not as a benchmark that you have to achieve or its not worth doing. When you're just starting out you have no idea how hard or how much work it would take to make something like that, so you're not in a position to estimate that fairly. If you do that and decide you aren't capable, then you're 100% guaranteed to fail. If you try, its less than 100%.

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Neo Author

Thanks Patrick. Those were really encouraging words.I should learn to enjoy the process rather than worrying about my future self. I can look at learning in a very new angle. Its just that I feel outdated most of the times and learning curve is too steep. But I understood that I should start making baby steps and do not worry about any future. Focus only on the learning part. Thanks again.