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Discussion on: Is PHP relevant?

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Patrick Cole

I think it really depends on the work you are doing. If most of the team knows a language and can deliver the project effectively, that's the preferred way. Many developers may have had these experiences as well and not used PHP. This might explain the "Why should I be concerned with PHP if we didn't use it."

You've pointed out some great examples for those whom may not have used PHP in the past and are curious why it is still popular. Me personally, I'm coming back to PHP after years away, and love the new updates in 7.1.

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Mr Blue

Ye but companys moving away from php, its starting to be hard for php developers to actually find jobs.. if you want to work with php you will need to work with wp, magento or someone similar popular cms. even small company tend to use c# when they building webb applications.. I think the reason of this is because people now can build there own webbshops, blogs or whatever, without knowing any coding.. When it comes to making a company more automatic people useing c# instead of php. Php isnt dead for it has been so popular on the webb for many years it will take a couple of years until php developers isnt necessary but the digitization of the web starting two destroy the reason of coding in php. the language php insnt dead and will not be dead.

but the ofcource php developers will need to move on to something else for soon there is no meaning of hiring a php developer for the customer can do simple stuff on there own when it comes down to blog, webshops and stuff like that. So for php developers the language is a dead end, unfortunately...

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Just came across this. I wanted to add that PHP jobs will actually be easier to find within the next 2-5 years, because a lot of PHP devs are older. The newbies of the last 5 years do not know any PHP, so as those older devs move on, get promoted, etc, PHP jobs are going to be opening up and there will be little competition.
Granted no one's come up with a "modern" version of PHP to easily/simply build static sites like Gatsby does for React for example, but really, that's not hard to do, so that should be happening soon i think.