How to Improve UX Website Design Using WordPress Plugins

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Why did you create a website? Is it about promoting a business? Is it about promoting ideas? Whatever the case is, your website is all about your audience. You want to share knowledge and provide solutions that your target audience is going to benefit from. That means that the website is geared towards offering a better user experience.

It’s no wonder why UX design is such an important concept. According to the simplest definition, UX (user experience) is “how a person feels when interfacing with a system.” In this situation, the “system” is a website, and you want to design it in a way that delivers a positive experience for the user.

This is where WordPress plugins get into the picture. UX design is not a complex concept. With the right plugins, it will be easy for you to improve the experience that your audience gets when they come at your website.

These are the tips you’ve been waiting for:

Improve the Speed of Your Website

If we’re going to talk about efficient web design, then the page loading time matters a lot. No matter how great the content is, the users of your website will be frustrated if they cannot access it without waiting too much.

In WordPress, there are various ways to speed up the loading time. WordPress plugins, in particular, are a very simple way to do this.

  • WP Fastest Cache is an intuitive plugin that’s really simple to install. When the traffic at your website is getting heavier, it means you’re using more RAM and CPU. That leads to slow rendering. What does WP Fastest Cache do about that? It creates a static HTML file that multiple users can reach, so the page won’t have to be rendered for each of them.
  • WP Super Minify will combine, minify, and cache inline CSS and JavaScript files on demand. In other words, it makes these files smaller, so they will load faster. It’s also pretty easy to install; you just need to download it, upload it to the directory, and access the plugins menu to activate it.

Make the Website Mobile-Friendly

This is an indisputable fact: mobile-friendly is not a preference; it’s an absolute necessity. How is this related to UX design? Well, if your visitors access the website via mobile, they certainly expect it to be mobile-friendly.

It doesn’t matter whether you hired the best assignment writers to write your content. What matters at this point is how accessible that content is when your audience uses tablets and smartphones.

  • WPtouch is the plugin to use for this purpose. It automatically adds a great mobile theme to your website, so it’s a great way to instantly provide a mobile-friendly experience for mobile users. The installation of this plugin will not have a negative effect on search engine rankings. Don’t worry about that! In fact, Google will consider your website to be mobile-friendly once you install it, so the effect will actually be positive.

Improve the Website’s Security

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, people are more concerned than ever about their privacy and security when accessing websites. You have to guarantee a secure browsing experience, so a security seal is a must!

  • BulletProof Security is one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress. It offers login security, malware scanner, firewall, anti-spam, DB backup, and more. The plugin will keep itself updated with new threats, so it will protect your website on a continuous basis.

Master the Art of Writing Good Headlines

The headline is part of the user experience, since it creates the first connection you develop with your website visitors. It must give hints that they will find exactly what they are looking for in the content that you offer. It shouldn’t be a clickbait. You need clear, descriptive headlines with oomph!

The problem with most website owners is that they are not copywriters. When they are on a tight budget and they try to create their own content, the attempt often fails. You’ll improve your writing skills with more practice, as well as analysis of the successful websites in your niche. However, you also need to work on your headline writing skills.

  • Thrive Headline Optimizer is a simple plugin that improves this aspect of copywriting. It allows you to create multiple headline options directly from the WordPress editor. Then, you’ll test the effectiveness of those headlines as the audience start accessing the content. The plugin will give you analytics based on click-through rate, scroll depth, and time spent on page. That’s enough for you to understand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to headlines.


When you’re trying to improve the UX design, you have to focus on developing a consistent site that looks and performs perfectly. Fortunately, there are WordPress plugins that make that easy for you. The suggestions we made above are just a start. Keep exploring the world of WP plugins and you’ll be surprised with the great solutions you find.



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