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Student Developer Pack

Hey folks we all already know what is GitHub if you are not aware about GitHub go and check with above link associated with GitHub word.
I recently aware about the program for student which provide by GitHub for school students known as GitHub Student Developer pack. Which includes various courses with subscription and its absolute free for students who current enrolled in campus or colleges and how you get this student pack follow the steps given below :-

Follow the Steps

  1. Go to official website of GitHub Student Developer pack GitHub Education
  2. Sign Up for student Developer pack
  3. You redirect to the page where you have to filed your college ID and college name.
  4. Then continue with process and another steps you have add your college proof ex: College ID or proof of your college enrollment with details.
  5. Submit your application and it will be review from GitHub with in 2 weeks and you also get verify mail when your application approved from GitHub. Image description The interface looks like above image for step 1 and then follow the steps one by one.

You will get unlimited benefits from this student developer pack which capable to make you developer. and also check the another program on GitHub platform for students and its also provide teacher developer pack also if you are then also get benefit from it.

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