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How to Design Idea based Poster for presentation

Presentation is skill which is actually help to build confidence and grab audience attention one better presentation help you to get your dream job so presentation is essential for everyone.
Today I Designed poster for national level presentation competition while designing poster I realized some key points which I want to share... First one visualize your idea in working flow in your mind then divide the idea in different section because its easy to manage content and others assets. Second thing keep it simple and short. Your poster must be clear and communicative and short. Title is another important thing because its top of the section so keep it unique and simple. Third one is color and images in poster add some creative images which actually help your poster for describing your idea. color may be less to add in poster with combination. Fourth one right thing in right place its very important to place right assets in right section with relative content. Fifth one used key points, bullets and numbering to make more interactive poster and always used numbering or problem statements section and for another you can add bullets or key point for your content information. Now you good to go for your next poster presentation. Here I share link of my poster which I design today.


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