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Google Summer of Code

What is GSoC?

Google Summer of Code is a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. GSoC Contributors work with an open source organization on a 12+ week programming project under the guidance of mentors.

How it Works?

GSoC is open source program which is divided into different section, The first one is Apply project the program the Interested contributors propose a project to work on.
Next process is selected applications work with mentor for project code. The Accepted GSoC contributors spend the summer coding with guidance from a mentor.
and the Last one is finalize and submission of project code for the world to use!
This is complete process about how GSoC works...!!

GSoC 2022

The official announcement of GSoC 2022 by google is announced on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 in which they explain about dates and schedule 2022 GSoC and updates in GSoC 2022.

Updates in GSoC 2022

GSoC is open for all 18 years above student or folks who self taught and excited to contribute in open source in last GSoC programs only university student take participation in GSoC from 2022 any folks can take participate in GSoC.

Get Started with GSoC

Organization :

Apply to be a mentor organization and help bring in new, excited developers to your open source community!
Dates to apply: Feb 2022

Contributors :

Spend your summer writing code for an open source software project!
Dates to apply: April 2022
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