My first experience creating and testing a PWA

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Today, I have some experience regarding both creating a PWA, and testing it.

This website, actually.

Since this was creating using Nuxt.js, I did not create manifest.webmanifest directly. Instead, I use @nuxtjs/pwa.

Upon opening the website in mobile (Android), it now prompted web to add to home screen, and I said no this time (because the name was wrong. @nuxtjs/pwa's fault.)

I also think that Add to Home Screen notification is annoying. (It is much less obtrusive in Desktop, though.)

After correcting the name, I tried to Add to Home Screen, but now the button is missing... It is hidden inside the vertical three dots.

Benefits I can see from Adding to Home Screen?

  • Definitely a benefit on mobile, as the space is limited. No more annoying top bar or bottom bar (in case of Brave browser)
  • Can still drag down to refresh. Which is still needed, as this app is still not perfect.

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