Made a website for Chinese learners. Registered a domain name. But?

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The website is https://zhquiz.cc

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Quiz for Chinese Hanzi, Vocab and Sentence daily!

Sorry, there is not landing page yet, just login and do the personalized quiz.

I hosted the container on Google Cloud Run, which the price seems much more reasonable than Heroku Hobby.

Domain name was purchased on Namecheap for $ 8 /year.

The stacks are

  • Node.js (Fastify + firebase-admin)
  • Vue + Firebase Auth
  • MongoDB Atlas

Now the foremost, and most important is

  • Sometimes the website is not accessible on mobile.
  • Cannot access with www. (do you need one these days?)

A little less important, not pressing right now is

  • MongoDB Atlas security

What do you recommend, as this is the first time hosting a container. It was much easier for static sites on Netlify (https://polvcode.dev).


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I did not expect to be greeted by a Soviet joke