Docker vs Serverless, and does it have to be on the same domain as frontend?

patarapolw profile image Pacharapol Withayasakpunt ・1 min read

In short, is it the best to use Netlify Lambda if I use Netlify?


  • What OS is it really? Can build steps be guaranteed to succeed?
  • Having to webpack is a pain in itself.
  • Cannot make use of lambda during SSG building.


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My 2 cents: as customer, what is valued is the front end UI/UX and the reliability of the software.
As a developer try to reduce as max as possible the time spent in the backend. If you can use serverless with functions and managed DBs.

If the backend design requires ton of functions, well, you are back to stuff like appengine and similar. But it must be the amount of backend work required which should move you from a more managed solution down to a less managed solution.

First note: this holds if we are talking about a greenfield project. If you have to migrate an existing one, well: costs have to be evaluated.

Second Note: this holds if you are a dev. If you get paid also for ops activity and maint. then the entire discussion has to be reverted. But this is a business thing not a tech one!