Discussion on: What JS Libraries Have You Made?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Currently the count is 26 in Non Org-scoped.

Some of my favourites are

liteorm A simple wrapper for sqlite; with typings based on TypeScript decorators and reflect-metadata.

  • I learnt escaping strings for SQL, and avoiding using reserved keywords.
  • TypeScript decorators and Reflect-Metadata

@patarapolw/qsearch Search a database with a string. Designed for end-users.

  • String tokenization
  • How to avoid too complex algorithms

any-serialize Serialize / Deserialize any JavaScript objects, as long as you provides how-to. I have already provided Date, RegExp, Set and Function.

@patarapolw/sql-easyquery Easily query SQL (currently only support SQLite), with a string or a mongo-like query.

  • How to convert JSON to SQL queries

hyperpug Pug for browser/Electron, based on Hyperscript. With Pug filters' support.

  • Indented string processing

@patarapolw/deepfind Deep find a primitive or a plain Object inside an Array or a plain Object. Always return a Object (an Array or a plain Object), so that the Object (an Array or a plain Object) can be tweaked.

  • How can I make use of Mutability

@patarapolw/prettyprint This project shows how we can prettyprint beyond JSON.stringify(obj, null, 2) in Node.js -- with colors and multiline strings

  • Tweaking util.inspect


  • YOU can contribute to @types/ as well!