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If you talk about accepted Pull Requests, I am really proud of github.com/DefinitelyTyped/Definit..., and learnt a lot about code styles... -- even though I eventually use a different library, instead.

Every TypeScript dev should try to contribute to DefinitelyTyped at least once.

Fortunately, I also found that, for non-monorepo, I don't have to wait for PR to be accepted. I can always npm i <FORKED_GIT_URL.git>. There seems to be an equivalent in Python's PIP as well.

Otherwise, I really recommend everyone should create one themselves,

  • Clone a old project of your own
  • Branch
  • Edit
  • Reupload
  • Try to merge online -- tada, you have created a Pull Request, and it is open-source PR, if you code is Open Source.

BTW, you can search via github.com/pulls.

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