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I'm with Victor here but also agree with many of your points. I doubt that the "low carb" fad is a balanced diet, although I agree that sugar is a no-no. The better solution is less processed food, and carbs that are digested slowly, like potatoes or oatmeal or chick-peas. I avoid stuff like white bread and pasta - one gets hungry 1-2 hours after. Cooking food oneself counts as "4. Non-programming activity". It is difficult at the beginning but we software developers are good at improving and optimizing things. I did all this (and still do) as part of a diet to lose weight, and slowly lost about 1/4 of my weight, got my blood values back to normal and I'm keeping that weight also thanks to "1. Daily physical exercise". That exercise has also a positive effect on stress and made me more resilient against all the bullshit bingo that I get exposed during the day.

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