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Discussion on: How to get hired by a remote-first company 🏝️

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Pascal Wacker

That would be nice! We've already thought about but we'll definitely check out the others and send the job description to you, once we've finalized it.

Would you put a constraint on Timezones? We where thinking about just asking for at least 2h of availability during a "normal" working day in our timezone. How would you handle this?

What about salaries? Would you communicate this directly in the job description or rather later? Would you have a salary depending on the location of the candidates or not? Any experience with companies offering remote team members (like for example:, if so why would you choose them or why not? Any companies you had positive experiences with?

About the niche jobboards, any things we should consider to generate a more inclusive working experience? Currently we're pretty balanced (in the overall team, as said before, I'm currently the sole dev) when it comes to gender, but since we're all based out of Switzerland not very ethnically diverse. Anything we can do to not deter possible candidates?

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Willem Wijnans Author

We do put a constraint on timezones, +4 / -4 GMT which allows people to have 4 hours of overlap with GMT (most of us are in that timezone). However, we are hiring our first US based engineer and it does require a bit more thought into onboarding, alignment etc. I think with the right management structure you should at some point be able to make it work. That said, I have spoken with a dozen of engineers who work for US based fully remote companies like InVision and they sometimes find it hard being on the other end of the timezone scale. Its good you think about these things now. πŸ‘

Salaries, at Aula we take senior roles in London as a benchmark, so we're OK for most of the European hires (minus SwitzerlandπŸ‡¨πŸ‡­/ Norway πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄). I do not communicate salaries upfront in job-docs, but make sure I cover expectations in the first call.

For off/nearshoring, I would not do that. Beats the purpose of having the whole world at your disposal for me. But maybe if you need something fast it could be a solution. I would rather look at places like Andela, or maybe Facet.

Just make sure that when you hire, you talk to a wide variety of people from different backgrounds. That's a first start. Doing Inclusiveness great is another topic which is easily another blogpost on another day ;)