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DEV serves millions of unique visitors per month. This highly-targeted developer audience is comprised of registered members (386,541) and visitors from the open web — many of whom visit DEV as part of their daily routine. You may be interested in the public analytics available on SimilarWeb.

❤️ Community

DEV is committed to maintaining an inclusive and constructive environment, and welcomes developers of all backgrounds and experience levels. We work with a large group of community moderators who help us uphold and enforce our Code of Conduct.

💎 Quality

DEV always prioritizes the user experience. Our community-oriented sponsorship offerings are hosted directly (no third-party tracking), and can even be disabled if a registered member chooses to do so. We work hard to ensure that sponsorships are natural and well-received.

🤓 Expertise

DEV has experts on staff who will help you craft your message and coordinate your activities on the platform. We are focused on helping your company generate a mutually positive outcome with the community.

Bronze Sponsorship

  • 👀 Recognition on sponsors page (logo only)
  • 🙌 Placement in monthly sponsor-awareness thread (name only)
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Silver Sponsorship

  • 👀 Recognition on sponsors page (logo + short blurb)
  • 🙌 Placement in monthly sponsor-awareness thread (logo + short blurb)
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Gold Sponsorship

  • 👀 Recognition on sponsors page (logo + full writeup)
  • 🙌 Home page brand placement + tagline + link
  • 🎉 Shoutout + article placement in weekly newsletter
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Tag Sponsorship

  • 👀 Recognition on tag sidebar
  • 🙌 Recognition in tags overview page
  • 🎉 Special flair on organization profile
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Media Sponsorship

  • 👀 Sponsor media productions such as videos and podcasts
  • 🎤 Native shout-outs and video clip insertions
  • ✏ Creative consultation with the DEV Team
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DevRel Consultation

  • 🤝 Platform guidance and personalized editorial notes
  • 💬 Dedicated support via a shared Slack channel
  • 🦄 Data on platform trends and analysis
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