Is there any package to do auto-formatting in your python / Django project?

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I need suggestions to use in my side project. I am a javascript dev, I use prettier + eslint along with git hook to do autoformatting and linting in my projects.

Is there any options similarly in python / Django?

Expected answer,

  • suggest packages to do such magic
  • share article reference to setup in VScode and also git hooks to auto format before pushing and throw lint issues before pushing to git.
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Yes! My favorite and the favorite of a good percentage of the Python community is black.

In VSCode, I use the Python extension. In settings, under the Python extension, set the formatting provider to Black:

Then, make sure format on save is set to true.

When you save a Python file, if you don't have Black installed in that environment, you will get a prompt to install it. It is pip install black to do so manually.


As for git hooks, there should be some helpful info in this article, but I haven't implemented it before myself:

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