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Discussion on: How to learn MongoDB in easiest way?

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Paramanantham Harrison

Not just MongoDB but usually most databases are very rich with features, it will be exhaustive to learn through videos or books.

You will almost forget the syntax after few weeks. The best way is create a data model for a product (example., e-commerce site).

By this way, you can search when you have problem to solve and learn chunk by chunk which is essential for you.

You can’t master everything this way but you can master the essentials and understand the database concept this way.

If you still want book or video,

I suggest video and MongoDB themselves provide free video courses which are very powerful

Infact MongoDB is very easy if you already know any other databases and JavaScript

Search these stuff and start learning (practicing)

  • MongoDB basics
  • MongoDB aggregation framework (the most important one, so powerful. You can do almost anything with it)
  • noSQL data modelling concepts (embedding vs referencing) - mental model of noSQL is different from sql. So this topic is very important. There are good videos about this topic in YouTube