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Discussion on: What is Flutter and Why You Should Learn It in 2020

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Paramanantham Harrison

Mmm, the answer is No. React isn’t a library anymore, it’s an ecosystem. It’s very hard to kill react like that.
Flutter is decent and more people from native mobile development experience will adapt it more.
May be flutter win the race with react native in mobile app development. But react as a whole is a very large ecosystem. You can develop for web, desktop, VR, Game and mobile using react. Infact, some large companies like Airbnb design through react in some way.

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Gaël Thomas Author

I agree with you. React exists for a longer time; this is why the ecosystem is bigger.

But I think Flutter can win the race with the time.
Maybe not on the web site (Flutter Web) because it's really new and perhaps not the heart of the project.

On mobile, I read a lot of articles from developers moving from React Native to Flutter.

Flutter is still entirely new, and maybe with one or two years more, it can be well used in the mobile app development world.

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Paramanantham Harrison

For mobile, yes. Flutter is evolving better with more developers and upto date plugins. React native packages are often outdated