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Discussion on: MERN App using GraphQL via Apollo-Client,(React Hooks). (Part-2)

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Paramanantham Harrison • Edited

Very good series Vinod.

Your flow was excellent, keep it up

Few suggestions,

  • donโ€™t paste image screenshot, instead put the query and result in a code block which will make it easy to copy for others and view it even on mobile easily
  • donโ€™t show the whole code of a file every time, it has more repeated code. Instead show the exact code. For example, show only mutation and add it to rootSchema instead of showing the whole file. It will be confusing to go through once the file become huge

That said, you should teach more series ๐Ÿ™Œ

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vinodchauhan7 Author

Thanx Paramanantham for the appreciation, In next articles, I will keep in mind about your suggestions.