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Discussion on: Flutter vs React Native

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Paramanantham Harrison • Edited

I have published few apps with react native and also took a course for flutter.
I like flutter because of packages and simple to construct UI for both ios and android.

The only difference I see is,

  • flutter like any other google framework have rules to be followed and in mobile development, this is a huge win for simple cross-platform apps. It might not be the case in web development. But the web and mobile development experience are very different.
  • If you want more custom apps through react native or flutter, there is no standout winner since you have to create a lot of things custom anyway.

For simple apps with elegant platform UI, I bet on flutter (dart isn't that difficult)
If you are already familiar with React, react native is a good first choice. But upgrading and looking for well-maintained packages are painfully hard. The community and packages aren't as strong as the flutter in react native.

For example, there is no production ready up-to-date package for Google AdMob in react native. The only way for it is to add through firebase react native package and that package is also not up-to-date always.
If this is the case for AdMob, you think about other ad companies and their SDK.

It's my own opinion and I didn't develop any rocket science either. These are my apps in google store. It was developed using react native.