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Discussion on: You Wouldn't Base64 a Password! Cryptography Terms and Concepts for Developers

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Scott Arciszewski Author

I thought the two were essentially two sides of the same coin, and we just arbitrarily choose one to be the private key and hide it and publish the remaining one

Nope! See also:

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Mihail Malo

We have to go more public!

array(5) {
  ["secret key"]=>
  string(64) "2337c49553ee014b5deeb0506015dde1256236468aa83e2a0014eaa3178aba82"
  ["public key"]=>
  string(64) "a393199a4e8333d558d0832909d7bb3966280f0e0139f718fb903f2bd032362d"
  ["public key from secret key"]=>
  string(64) "a393199a4e8333d558d0832909d7bb3966280f0e0139f718fb903f2bd032362d"
  ["super public key from public key"]=>
  string(64) "63079d6d457e7ef05e31a65c7b08a3fff2971b9e2943954565725b69f0754627"
  ["super super public key from super public key"]=>
  string(64) "ec3f52bde73b8026c0bb00ccc0a936529e617b9b3233ec0e02d95d3f5c1fe344"