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Benefits of Flask in Python Web app Projects

pankajdas0909 profile image Pankaj Das ・4 min read

My friend and I often have good arguments on different types of technology. One day as he doesn’t know about the flask and its benefits our conversation goes that way.

“If you are a developer you would probably know about Python and must have heard some name ‘microservices’…”

Okay. Got that but we are talking about Flask based web applications? What is a flask?

Oh, it is nothing but a Framework that can be used to generate web apps.

Wow! But as a web app developer why did not, I use it? Could you elaborate on it a little?

Sure. But before if you want to know more about microservices Then we will discuss it later.

Now, back to the topic. Basically, Flask is used in python application development services for building the top notch web application. It does not hold any specific library. It also offers an extension for validation, Open authentication system, and several other tools. The main idea behind the flask is to develop a solid foundation of web framework from where you are free to use any plugin or extension you need. Here you can build your own modules. So, you can say that it is good for prototyping.

You might be confused as It is not being understood properly. But no worries! Because It can be easily understood when you understand its benefits. I also give you an example and why it differs from others? So, Let’s dive into that…

Benefits of using a flask framework.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Scalability
  3. Modularity
  4. Performance
  5. Development

Are you elaborating on this?

Yes, I am just heading for the same...

1. Flexibility

You know when It comes to the flask, It is so flexible there are figure-count things that take the time or not easy to alter. But almost all the parts of the flask can be altered.

2. Scalability

See, as you know most of the monolith structures are not that scalable, and seeing the current scenario you would probably think to go with microservices and containerization techniques such as Docker or similar other ones, Right? And Web Application does not scale themselves in old methods. But with the flask, they can do that because It has an auto-scale option.

and think about it! How-much more traffic you could handle with this much facility. And if you want to argue that doe it works in cloud computing the same way it works in the other. So, the answer is yes. It is meant to be futuristic.
Can you give me an example?

Pinterest” You and I both know that Pinterest builds upon Django. But now, It is running on the flask as Django cannot handle so much load. So, they decided to build their website in flask and microservices structure.

3. Modularity

Do you know the modular technique for software design?
Not exactly! But let me guess, one that is used to design software in such a way that you could separate its functionality. Is it what you are talking about?

Yes. So, you will be astonished to know the benefits of modularity and flask combine functionality.

So, Flask is a microservice framework where you divide each work into small services and Modularity has expertise on specific functionality, so, combined, It creates multiple flask applications on servers or should I say large servers a specific kind of application that could serve a very specific purpose.

4. Performance

This is one I should say a little bit more because of the micro-framework, say there are two frameworks out of one which is micro-framework, so, It is obvious that It has lower levels of abstractions and lower levels of cache and all other related things. Now, all this when eliminated, your speed and efficiency will be improved to a much better level. That is what happens with Flask.

When you use flask all the rubbish things that you want to avoid are being avoided because of the micro-framework. So, it gives you more speed with efficiency.

5. Development

A person like me who knows python well also knows one thing. It is very simple to use and develop things. Well, that’s good news because Flask is a Python-based framework. And It is so simple, you don’t even need to remember the codes!! so, whenever someone asks me about developing a web application. I suggest only Flask.

“Okay. You said enough about the advantages and all the things around it but can you please let me know where I could use this framework? Or in other words where Flask should be my first preference?”

Sure. Here are some of it:

  1. You know SQL, right! So, whenever you want to build a web application that has complexity, you’ll know that you will goanna face SQL queries during the building up of the app. I think you Must use Flask.
  2. If you want to reduce the complexity of your web app but only from the back-end side then you must use a flask.
  3. We discussed this today. I think you will probably learn right!! So, A beginner like you who wants to understand how to work in web development and how things can be arranged should consider Flask as your first step.

We closed our conversation after sharing some interesting facts. But If you want to look for any python web-development company or want to go ahead with flask and change your website just click here. This company has an amazing team. How would I know? Because I am a part of that team.

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