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Discussion on: Contemplating Internet Inequality in Brazil

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I feel you with the governments not doing absolutely anything part πŸ˜“

I'm guessing the only solution I could offer is the creation of civil associations/non-profits that either 1) pursue legal changes that push companies to create infrastructures in remote areas, 2) accepts old computers/satellite internet/money/etc to offer kids remote education, 3) affiliate with internet coffee shops to offer discounts, 4) courses on how to use the internet, computer, software, etc. at a lower price for your target audience and higher price to those who aren't but are still interested (you need cash if you want to operate!), 5) affiliate with companies or offer them courses, workshops and talks (again you need cash to operate!), especially industrialized ones, your demographic is right there waiting to be helped!

It's a small not very well thought out idea sure (I feel more like I'm brainstorming more than offering a real solution sorry), but as a citizen, you can still push and work for the change you want :3

I think it's great that you want to help out your people out! I hope you continue motivated to persevere through this problem <3

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Ana Carolina S. Dias Author

Thank you for the comment and the support! I agree with your ideas and I admire your efforts to think about it. I think as citizens we could help by spreading those ideas and making them get out of the paper, and you gave real-life solutions that we could actually apply.