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Discussion on: $50 coupon contest: Share your #FML moments to win

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I have a few:

  • I removed all the FK in a DB once, my coworkers lasted hours fixing it! I had removed them to fix several bugs... I learned the hard way that the easiest fix != best fix.

  • I uh... "screamed" at my boss once. I don't suggest doing it, lots of stress afterward. But, I learned that it's good to let people know their attitude will affect mine and that I need to find a healthy outlet for my emotions (which is what I've been working on this year!).

  • I screwed up production code once! I was setting the prices incorrectly... money was lost that day. Sadly, I wasn't the one who had to fix it because I was on the road, heading to an event that day. But, I noticed how important code reviews are! I'm still fighting with my coworkers to implement them though. I also learned that comments work! I explained in a small summary my intent with the methods and they found the fix super quick! In 30 min everything was solved.


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Arpit Mohan Author

@panditapan , congrats you are the winner of the 50$ coupon on Dev Shop for having the most amount of #FML moments! 😁

I've been in the same boat where I removed FK in the production database because by mistake I committed my local debug changes. Nightmarish hour that was.

Can you please DM me on Twitter ( @mohanarpit ) or on and I'll share the coupon code with you?