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I fully agree about the part that teaching is hard, this year I had to mentor two girls for Technovation with Thunkable (which I've concluded that is way to green for what these girls wanted!) and there were a lot of things that left me thinking about how to explain it to them. I picked up a book called Girls Who Code one day at a museum, bought it and read it to understand how they were explaining things to young girls and that helped a lot (it's a good book too, I recommend it!).

And I had to mentor these girls mostly because their main mentor, a developer as well, didn't know how to teach programming to them! I was just a substitute mentor lol. Either way, it made me realize that I truly need to find more ways to up my teaching game since who knows if one day I'll get to mentor again :3

Also,"This is often why the best advice comes from the comments, but not Youtube - never read Youtube comments." made my day! :D