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Discussion on: For you, what's professional happiness?

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Feeling like I'm making a positive impact not only in the "world" but also feeling that I'm a valuable asset to the team/company.

Being listened to and my ideas being used or considered make me extra happy.

Having a good enough salary that I can live my life nicely and still afford certain luxuries.

Doing things that interest me. I for one not only love front end development and design, I also enjoy making code more maintainable, documenting and fixing bugs in the back-end. I'm comfortable on both sides.

I'm a social butterfly and I love hanging out and having fun, so if my teammates also like having fun, it's a plus! A good workplace environment is always nice.

I hate long rides so, a work close to my home would be good.

Probably a place where there's a visible professional growth line for me, like in a game.

Small things.. :)