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Discussion on: Really, why React?

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I've been learning react through courses for around 8 months (such a long time but it's like an hour a day thing) and I honestly don't really like how convoluted it is. The event/state bubbling can easily turn to mayhem (I'm very much a follower of our holy spaghetti god so I have a talent for chaotic coding which means if I ever use react it'll be chaaaos and the final fantasy guy will want to kill me) and honestly... I also feel like it's a huge barrier to get started with web development. It actually made me nostalgic for the old web. Nowadays normal people need to buy expensive courses to dip their toes in web development, before that you just needed notepad and a desire to create a fan site for The Rasmus with it's own visitor's signature book hahaha

Anyway, nice post ⭐ also good luck with all those comments and debates you're getting!

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Jordan Brennan Author • Edited on

Haha thanks. And I think it’s good to learn React - that way you can know why to avoid it, jk :)