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Discussion on: Vue.js vs. React — Not Your Usual Comparison

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ah yes I realized this a few weeks ago. I'm learning React right now for... reasons and 1) I don't see the why of the hype, when I tested Vue I personally liked it way more and 2) on a day I slept badly, had no coffee on me and it was 8am, the React course did a syntax comparison between Vue, React, Angular and Ember.js... guess which one I ended up gravitating to?

That's right, Vue was the only syntax I could look at that I immediately knew what was going on with my only two awake neurons. That is +100 for me because I tend to truly TRULY wake up at 11am (my awake neurons are the ones talking right now it's 8:30am right now).

So yeah, this is a fair comparison. My awake neurons approve.

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Domagoj Vidovic Author • Edited on

Your neurons can’t be wrong 😉