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Discussion on: I think there is too much to learn in programming

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You're very right and this is something I've had on my mind lately, I see a lot of people very overwhelmed by the learning process and it came to me that maybe we just haven't set up a good learning roadmap that isn't loaded with a million different things.

Not only that, we've allowed people to think that the only way to find a job in the industry is by learning web development when there are so many more areas you could focus on that don't change as quickly and might not be as overwhelming.

There's data analytics, machine learning, desktop dev, web dev, mobile dev, UI/UX dev, automation, QA, networking (like cables and stuff ouo), industrial automation, project managing, business analysis, computer science, DevOps, database administration, SAP and so on (and I probably missed a few important ones!).

As a start, it might be better to look into each one of these areas I mentioned before and see what you really like! maybe development isn't your forte but you're amazing at listening to a client and gathering the requirements for a product, or maybe you're really good at thinking up possible test scenarios and finding defects/bugs/errors and such. Software development is a bit more than just development and we need people who don't just, program!

Just food for thought but I definitely feel you pats