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Discussion on: I'm An Impostor

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aaah well I think it's because he was already an established programmer! I sorta realized mid-way through my studies that what they were doing (at least in my uni) was training my mind to solve problems in an "engineering" sorta way? I can't really explain it! It's like they already have the framework to help you get there, though I think symbolic logic is the main class that helped me understand programming in the end xD

But, if you already know how to solve problems because you're self taught, then you're not going to get value from the classes itself! you might get a bit from the connections and networking but still, you can do that much easily now with social media, conferences and such.

I did have friends in uni who did the same as your friend and honestly, they too where like "I know this already aaagh" but they found value on Fridays when the class would go out and drink hahahaha

There's also that this was in a Venezuelan university that was very acce$$ible at the time. I think I paid very little for my degree compared to other universities, I got a scholarship for 80% or a bit less on my last three semesters (if you were the top student of the semester the next one is free! met a girl who only paid for her first semester only, afterwards all free) so for these friends, they didn't really see it as a money investment, rather an investment that helped open up opportunities for them in the market since Venezuela value degrees a lot. I think that nowadays the uni is a lot more expensive due to situations.

But yeah, I don't regret getting my degree because it helped me be the programmer I currently am, but I also understand that it's not life changing for those who are already established programmers, unless you studied in a very prestigious university (not my case) :3