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Discussion on: The importance of coffee behind development

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ooh that's an interesting debate! I'm not picky so you can even give me coffee in a metal coffee cup and I'll appreciate it but if you want me to make a choice between either oooone would be neither, my favorite cup happen to be cups made from clay or mud!

mud cup with cow

they remind me a lot of home, early mornings waiting for my aunt to make me some coffee and then wait for the arepas to be done, being at a finca (small farm!) with the sound of farm animals (and a parrot probably) waking me up... aaaaah the life of agriculture! The cool thing is that they tend to come in sets! with a coffee jar and the little setup to use the... coffee sock? (I don't know how to call it in english hahaha)

mud coffee kit

We need to add these to the debate don't you think? :D

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I edited the article!