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Discussion on: Is Our Survey Biased Against Women?

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My humble advice would be the following:

  • Use more diverse platforms: for example, Twitter is used by more Americans than Colombians, and it's possible that gender issues/state of CSS are different for Colombians than for Americans. Also, the second biggest group is Japan and I think your survey isn't in Japanese... I THINK (o x o;;)

  • Connect with female development/coding groups and organizations: Epic Queen, Woman in Web Development, Vue Vixens and Black Girls CODE come to mind, try to get yourselves known out there in those types of circles c:

  • Promote your survey to female dev groups, use female development hashtags, connect with important women in the development industry (in different countries if possible, you need that diversity!) that can help you reach girls like me: not popular but have insight to provide.

  • You need to find your market segment, it won't come finding you!!

Hopefully this small advice helps :3